Beauty hooks up with cute guy who dumped her friend

Has Carmina Villaroel "fallen" for Zaijian Jaranilla? Only the family drama, "Lorenzo's Time," has the answer.

Years ago, Beautiful Actress tagged Cute Heartbreaker the ultimate heel. She told friends that CH was hardly gentlemanly when he broke up with Popular Star.

BA let everyone know that CH had mocked PS after a tear-drenched separation.

Fast forward to the here and now: BA was seen hanging out with CH at a posh mall.

Is BA a masochist? After having her heart shattered in her own failed relationship, is she rushing into another disaster waiting to happen? Or is she merely toying with CH?

BA knows CH's game plan and, from the looks of it, she has the upper hand. She was overheard ordering CH around like an underling.

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