Soundtrack: Think Like A Man

CD Cover: Think Like A Man OST.

Most of this soundtrack is filled by artists featuring at least one other artist. It's like an R&B job creation scheme.

Many of the tracks sound so ripe for parody, I'm not sure if I'm already missing the joke.

Jennifer Hudson's title song isn't terrible, but there are too many tracks that come off like a 13-year-old's attempt at seduction.

Check out John Legend's analogy to swimming "I'm gonna hit you with the breast stroke, freestyle then the breast stroke, till you're blowing cigarette smoke". Yep. That bad.

Worst of all is how utterly soulless it all sounds. Corporate, bland, auto-tuned and with no real emotion.

That is until the door smashes open and striding in from the streaming light like a soul colossus is Luther Vandross' Never Enough to save the day.

I'm not really a fan of his, but this track swaggers in and tells your ears "Come with me if you want to live".

Yes. This is how to do it.

It's a brilliant if dumb move by the compilers. It puts a genuinely great song on the soundtrack, but it's one that highlights just how lame the other tracks are.

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