A hipster's dream come true - Passion Pit

Passion Pit lead singer Michael Angelakos was a hit with the crowd.

Artist: Passion Pit

Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall

Attendance: 1,100

When: Last Tuesday

Midway through Passion Pit's first Singapore show, a voice rang out in the Esplanade Concert Hall. One female fan, clearly unable to rein in her excitement, yelled: "I want to make love to your beard!"

Her unbridled, passionate exclamation - which elicited whoops and laughter from other concert-goers - had been directed at the American electropop outfit's lead singer, Michael Angelakos.

The 24-year-old - in his skinny jeans and tie, and sporting a thick, full beard - epitomises the term "hipster".

Like attracts like, for most of the 1,100-strong audience were mostly young hipsters rocking horn-rimmed glasses and pencil-thin moustaches, for instance.

Performance-wise, the Boston band were a dream come true for their ardent following, who lost their too-cool vibe the moment the indie darlings appeared on stage, getting on their feet and cheering raucously.

Angelakos - along with keyboardist and guitarist Ian Hultquist, bassist Jeff Apruzzese, drummer Nate Donmoyer, Xander Singh on synths and an additional female sessionist on keyboards - chose to open with their latest single, Take A Walk, from their well-received second album released this year, Gossamer.

What followed was an almost-constant stream of uber-catchy, synth-fuelled numbers with singalong choruses from that album and its predecessor, Manners (2009).

It was near-impossible to take one's eyes off Angelakos, who paced the stage restlessly throughout the 70-minute gig. He frequently whipped his microphone cord around and contorted his body into all sorts of positions as he danced.

However, his voice - though distinct in the way it breezily segued into a lovely falsetto when required - and certain keyboard melodies were sometimes overpowered, such as on songs like Let Your Love Grow Tall (2009).

At other times, on songs like Fold In Your Hands (2009), the band seemed to get caught up in themselves, losing the tight musicianship one would have hoped for.

But Passion Pit - like it or not - are just too cool to be pitch-perfect.


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