Li Nanxing puts sorrow aside to promote movie

Veteran TV star Li Nanxing has to put aside the sorrow of losing his mother two weeks ago to promote his new film Imperfect.

Veteran local TV star Li Nanxing was smiling at the press conference for his second movie Imperfect on Monday.

But the 47-year-old, who is the executive producer and star, looked thinner and his voice sounded hoarse.

The last two weeks have been especially tough for him.

His 69-year-old mother, whom he said he was very close to, died suddenly on Aug 13, while he was on a business trip in Hong Kong.

In an interview with The New Paper, Li said with a sad smile that he's fine and he has to put his sorrow aside, presumably to promote his latest flick Imperfect, which opens here on thursday.

He added softly: "Of course I wish (my mother) could come and watch this movie with me.

"But I believe everything happens for a reason. She's now in heaven with God."

Li declined to go into detail if he had any regrets when it comes to his mother, but he advised all children to spend more time with their parents.

"They are naggy sometimes, but you'll have many regrets when you lose them," he said.

Li had told Chinese newspaper Lianhe Wanbao at his mother's wake that he regretted not insisting on a thorough medical check-up when she complained of giddiness two weeks before her death.

At the wake, Li's manager told reporters that the actor cried all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore upon hearing the bad news.

When Li saw his mother in the coffin, he knelt and broke down several times.

Coincidentally, he's not the only one from the Imperfect cast who's grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Shanghai-born Singapore-based Ian Fang lost his maternal grandfather a few months ago.

The heart-throb's parents divorced when he was young and he grew up especially close to his maternal grandparents.

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