Faced with fame

Irish band The Script, from left to right: Glen Power, Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan.

As a band, The Script were once pretty unrecognisable, despite the millions of downloads they got for their heartbreak songs.

This year has been different, thanks to frontman Danny O'Donoghue's stint as a judge on The Voice in the UK.

Since O'Donoghue joined fellow pop stars will.i.am, Jessie J and Sir Tom Jones on the judging panel of the UK version of the reality show in March, the band members are having trouble living the quiet lives they used to enjoy.

"In London, Danny can't go in (to a store) to buy milk without being spotted," drummer Glen Power, 34, told LOUD over the phone from his home in Dublin, Ireland, last month.

"Before (The Voice), you might ask someone if they knew the band, and they'd say 'No', but they'd know the songs," he said.

"Nobody had a face for the band. It's really tricky for him, but it's what we needed. It certainly hasn't done the band any harm."

The Script, which also include guitarist Mark Sheehan, release their third album, #3, this week.

The band are headed here again for a showcase at Avalon on Sept 20.

They performed at Fort Canning Park in April last year.

"We thought we were never going to get another chance to use that for the album title," said Power.

"There are three people in the band, it's our third album, and we made the album in a room with the number three on the door. We wanted to keep it simple."

The band's talent for writing radio hits was honed in the US, where O'Donoghue and Sheehan served stints as record producers in the mid 2000s with R&B bigwigs Montell Jordan and Dallas Austin before returning to Ireland to form The Script with Power.

The album sees the band mining more emotional territory for songs. Sheehan and O'Donoghue wrote the track If You Could See Me Now, which was about their late parents.

"They had to dig quite deep," said Power. "But in doing that, you come up with your best stuff anyway.

But #3 is not all weepy mid-tempo pop a la their most notable singles, Breakeven and The Man Who Can't Be Moved, from their 2008 self-titled debut.

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