Arm yourself DuKqtL4

While it might be hard to find a firearm as a civilian in Singapore, there are no shortage of everyday objects that can be used as improvised weapons.

Just check out the trailer for Hsien Of The Dead, which shows civil servant Edward (Ernest Seah) using a mop to fend off a "rotten" work colleague.

Nice one, dude!

Vote a zombie into politics Pfx76s8

Perhaps zombies are merely misunderstood? If this is the case, then - although it might seem counter- intuitive - a zombie representative might just appease the mindless hordes enough to spare us humans.

Meet Mr A Zombie, who is the first zombie to run for the post of US prez.

He has vowed to increase the number of jobs for every zombie out there, and intends to "highlight the plight of the zombie community".

Actually, Mr A Zombie and his wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie, were created by AMC to protest against satellite-cable provider Dish Network's move to drop its popular zombie series, The Walking Dead.

Mr A Zombie has already hosted his own rallies at the recent Republican and Democratic national conventions.

We are not convinced that zombies are peaceable, Nascar- loving dudes. But, so far, this guy has our vote anyway.

Mr. A. Zombie
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