Caught on camera: HK TV director smacks actress around

A Hong Kong TVB director came under fire from several actors for physically assaulting an actress during filming.

The incident was caught on video and posted online anonymously.

In the video, director Cheung Wing-ho covers actress Jenny Lau's head with a plastic bag, then pushes her violently against a wall.

Lau, 24, is seen crying in the video.

A top TVB executive had earlier defended Cheung by saying that the director was only showing the young star how to react in a scene. The executive was quoted as saying: "Jenny continued working after that and I don't see her suffering from the incident. If this is called abuse, no director should teach an actor how to act next time."

Cheung has garnered a reputation as a bad-tempered director, and several celebrities such as Charmaine Sheh, Chapman To and Anthony Wong denounced him, as well as the television station for defending his behaviour in the video. reported that Cheung's verbal abuse had driven actresses to tears in the past.

Other actors who saw the video said Cheung's actions were "ridiculous" and that he behaved unprofessionally by hurting the young actress.

Lau herself had initially said that she was crying in the video because she was afraid of working with frogs in the scene. The plastic bag Cheung used to cover her head had earlier contained frogs.

A Hong Kong TV news report said that new actors in the entertainment industry usually have to put up with all sorts of treatment, or else they will not be offered any roles. also reported on Sept 20 that Cheung eventually resolved the matter by appearing on a talk show together with Lau and publicly apologised to her.

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