BigBang arrives in Singapore with a whisper

South Korean boyband BigBang hardly lived up to their name when they met the media at 1-Altitude on Thursday night.

The 5-member group are here for their Southeast Asian Alive Tour 2012 and will be holding sold-out concerts at the Indoor Stadium on Friday and Saturday night.

Fans waiting for the band outside One Raffles Place made a din when they strolled down the red carpet fashionably late, stopping only for photos for the media.

Taeyang, whose real name is Dong Youngbae, was the most animated and enthusiastic of the group.

His fellow band members T.O.P., real name Choi Seunghyun, and Daesung, hardly smiled during the 20-minute press conference. At times, they seemed more interested in tinkering with their smartphones than listening to the questions being asked.

While Taeyang made a few jokes and smiled for the cameras, Seungri, sitting at the opposite end of the table did not utter a single word.

Korean media reported that Seungri was caught on paparazzi video behaving intimately with a Japanese model. The Korea Herald also recently said that a Japanese magazine had published a report about Seungri's "photos and behaviours" in bed, quoting a woman who claimed to have spent the night with him.

Seungri also flew in to Singapore separately from the group.

When the floor was opened for questions, local actress Ann Kok put on an unabashed display of why she was a BigBang fangirl.

She spent almost five minutes declaring her love for the quintet, tearing up as she spoke.

"My name is Ann Kok, and I like BigBang a lot," she said in Korean.

She then asked the band if she could star in one of their music videos.

Her question drew smiles from the group. G Dragon, however, told her that she had to go through an audition.

T.O.P. also remarked that she would have to show off her sexuality and asked if she would be comfortable with that. When Kok said she would, Taeyang joked: "Give him (T.O.P.) your number then."

Shortly after, the band filed back into the VIP room, leaving as quickly as they came.

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