Gurmit's road ahead

SINGAPORE - He has a new movie opening tomorrow and a new child on the way, but Gurmit Singh is looking back as much as he is looking forward this new year.

At the press conference for Taxi! Taxi! last week , the 47-year-old actor-comedian spoke at length about how past experiences have shaped his outlook on family and work.

In the movie, Singh plays a microbiology professor who is unable to find a comparable job after getting retrenched.

He then becomes a taxi driver to make ends meet, but the change of job brings about a series of personal and family problems.

The movie also stars fellow actor-comedian Mark Lee, actress-turned-businesswoman Jazreel Low (see other report) and local YouTube star Chua Jin Sen, better known as Dr Jia Jia.

Taxi! Taxi! is Singh's first full-length movie in more than two years. His last movie was Phua Chu Kang The Movie, released in August 2010.

Playing a middle-aged man who suffers setbacks to his career and family, Singh was asked if there were any low points in his own 18-year career, to which he quipped: "So many."

But he turned sombre while elaborating on them.

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