TVB show irks China and Hong Kong

HONG KONG - A TVB show on the cultural clash between Hong Kong and China has come under fire from both sides, drawing angry scoldings in the streets and nuisance calls, says Apple Daily.

Inbound Troubles stars Angela Tong as a mean Hong Kong tour guide, Roger Kwok as a Hong Kong man who speaks Mandarin poorly and Wong Cho Lam as a Hong Kong-born, China-bred aspiring singer who speaks Cantonese with a mainland accent. Man Yee Man plays Kwok's love interest.

Since the show premiered on Monday, the Hong Kong media watchdog had received 60 complaints about the series, said the newspaper yesterday.

The show was accused of worsening the cultural conflict and tarring Hong Kong's reputation as a shopping capital, among other things.

Kwok said he was told off by a woman in public, who asked why he was misrepresenting how Hong Kong people speak Mandarin.

Producer Wong Wai Sing said he received an angry call and he heard someone in the camera crew had also been harassed.

He said he would let the station decide whether to cancel the 20-part comedy.

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