Considered one of the most impactful shows in the history of TV, American Idol has remained at the top as a TV ratings juggernaut despite the appearance of other similar reality TV singing competitions.

According to Billboard, the first 10 years of American Idol resulted in 345 Billboard chart-toppers and produced an army of pop idols such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert.

At a Press conference in New York, the judges and Ryan talk about the upcoming season:

When you look back at the start of your career, would you have passed a younger version of yourself during auditions to head on to Hollywood?

Nicki: You know we were talking earlier that when a contestant says "this is my only shot", it's actually not. If they only knew how many doors were closed in our faces at the start, they'd totally get the big picture. The people who I winded up working with later on in life were the same people that told me "no" initially, so I probably would have passed on myself as well. Back then I wouldn't have had the confidence to stand in front of people who had done so much. But I always give credit to these contestants who audition, for just being here.

Keith: When I was 9, I did a music talent show in Australia similar in a way to American Idol and one of the three judges completely crucified me. He told me to just forget about country music and to get into some real music.

Many other shows have tried to replicate what AI started. Now with X Factor being your biggest competition, what do the judges plan to bring to the table to make people watch AI instead?

Randy: The show's got the hip hop superstar, a vocal legend who is not just a singer and a country legend, so you're going to hear and see a different kind of show already.

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