Getai veteran Ah Nan dies of heart attack

Veteran getai compere, singer and actor John Cheng, known affectionately among his fans as Ah Nan, has died of a heart attack.

He died at the age of 52, reported evening daily Shin Min.

For decades, Ah Nan has been a familiar sight in his trademark multicoloured suit on Getai stages during the annual Hungry Ghost Festival.

In 1998 John branched out into acting, scoring a role in local production Money No Enough, followed by another role in Liang Po Po the next year.

Cheng is best known for portraying ah beng 'gangsters', a reference to his alleged past career as a loan shark. In I Not Stupid, however, he went against the grain, taking on a minor role as a police officer tasked with rescuing hostages.

His death was reported on Lian He Wan Bao's facebook page this morning (Jan 22), where many of his fans expressed their condolences.

Ah Nan has worked closely with Stomp in the past for its annual Getai coverage on Getai A-Go-Go, while continuing to host shows including this recent one at Arumugam Road.

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