Psy garners three awards in France

K-pop sensation Psy garnered three awards at the NRJ Music Awards of France on Saturday.

With his international smash-hit, "Gangnam Style," the 35-year-old star won Chanson Internationale de L'année (International Song of the Year) and Clip de L'année (video clip of the year) and also received an Award d'honneur (honour.) He is the first Korean to be invited to the noted French ceremony held at the Cannes Festival Palace.

"This is my second time in France. The first time was in Paris. And I can see, 'Am I famous in France?'" he grinned as he received his honorary award.

The Korean singer showed some sense of humour as he collected his international song of the year trophy. "I just wanna tell you: A lot of French fans call me 'si' but my name is Psy ([sái].) Could you say my name one more time [sái]?" He also mimicked some Greek dance with the presenter on stage.

The singer enjoyed much publicity from the French media. He walked the red carpet in a limousine with a group of beauties, started his Gangnam Style there and led his performance and camera team inside the concert hall to finish his choreography on stage. "All I can say is, merci!" he said.

After the show, the singer tweeted: "I'm speechless...I won 3 #NRJMusicAwards!!! Merci FRANCE!!!"

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