Movie review: Ah Boys to Men 2 (PG13)

The boys finally become men in this sequel to the local hit, but not before pulling off some childish pranks.

Picking up from where Part 1 left off, the recruits continue their basic military training while dealing with their personal problems.

Ken Chow (Joshua Tan) comes to terms with his father's stroke, while Man In Ping (Noah Yap) realises his girlfriend has fallen for another guy.

Man's section mates try to help him out, resulting in a fallout between Lobang (Wang Weiliang) and Aloysius Jin (Maxi Lim).

Essentially a series of gags juxtaposed with the different phases of basic military training, this coming-of-age story lacks depth, but is high in entertainment value.

Plunging straight into the action without the need for introductions, it moves along at a steady pace but is marred by an extended sub-plot involving faeces that goes on for way too long.

The rookie cast continues to perform well, and local blogger Mr Brown steals the show momentarily in the second half, playing a wacky reservist officer assessing the recruits.

Ah Boys To Men 2 has the usual trappings of a Jack Neo movie, but with a context that will resonate with anyone who has been through national service, a rite of passage for all male Singaporeans and their families.

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