Showing off comedic chops

He wanted to play a high-ranking army officer, but ended up running in the forest.

Such was the agony local blogger Mr Brown faced for his big-screen debut, Ah Boys To Men 2.

Opening here tomorrow, it's the sequel to last November's Part 1, which earned $6.2 million at the local box office, making it the highest-grossing local movie to date.

In Part 2, the recruits continue their basic military training while dealing with a series of personal problems. But in the process of solving them, they get into arguments and some serious trouble.

Mr Brown, 43, whose real name is Lee Kin Mun, shows off his comedic chops playing a reservist officer assessing the recruits for their leadership potential as part of their basic military training.

At the movie's press conference yesterday at Resorts World Sentosa, Lee joked that when approached by director Jack Neo, 57, to star in the movie, he asked to play a high-ranking commanding officer.

"I was only a lance corporal during my army days," said Lee, laughing. "But Jack told me the highest rank for me was only a lieutenant. But okay lah, not so bad."

But Lee did not have an easier time on set just because his on-screen rank was higher than the other actors.

He had to film a chase scene which sees him running through the forests of Pulau Tekong, where most of the movie was filmed.

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