When we asked the group about one life-changing moment they experienced since the movie came out, Yap again gave a wacky reply.

"Recently I tweeted I had a craving for a particular brand of popcorn and the next day, during a fan meet, a fan passed me a box," he said.

"If this goes on, I'll get fat!"

Lim - who has been acting in short films, commercials and corporate videos since 2010, added he also "got fat" from food given to him by fans, but was more touched by his mother's response.

He used to play aggressive characters, like a gangster or abusive son.

"She told me when she used to watch the short films I acted in, she felt er xin (grossed out in Mandarin)," he said.

"But when she watched Ah Boys To Men, she felt very kai xin (happy)."

Luke Lee, 21, who plays one of the sergeants, was studying in the UK when Part 1 was released.

"Many Singaporean and Malaysian students realised I was in the movie and came to me asking when it will be out on DVD," he said.

"It was very touching."

Getai singer Wang, 25, acknowledged he has been getting more requests for gigs and is attracting younger fans.

On their rise to stardom, Wang said: "This is definitely very unexpected, and some people may say we have become very popular.

"But this is not what we want to hear, we're just trying to do our job well. Success has not got to our heads, and failure will not set us back. We hope people will still see us the same way."

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