Newbie Jae Liew chosen for upcoming local movie

SINGAPORE - Local film director Michelle Chong has chosen Jae Liew, 22, to play the female lead in her upcoming movie, "3 Peas in a Pod".

Shot mainly in Victoria and South Australia, the movie tells a story of three university friends from Taiwan, Korea and Singapore who go on a road trip that will change their lives forever.

Securing a life-changing opportunity, Jae will co-star with Taiwanese singer and actor Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit fame, and former K-Pop boy group member Alexander Lee Eusebio.

The two-day auditions held at Marina Bay Sands saw over 800 girls trying for a shot at fame. Jae's attractive, girl-next-door looks, coupled with her fluency in English and Mandarin as well as her stellar delivery of the script made an impression on the judges.

"I was quite certain that I had found my female lead after meeting Jae. There was something about her bubbly personality that stuck with me throughout the auditions. Her ability to deliver the lines were truly outstanding for someone who has never had any acting experience before," said Michelle Chong, who also shortlisted a few more candidates before picking the eventual winner.

When informed that she had won the role, Jae said that she was stunned as this was her first time going for an audition of this nature.

"My resolution this year was to do something out of my comfort zone. I am really glad to be given an opportunity to have this trip and experience of a lifetime captured on film," she said.

Filming for "3 Peas in a Pod" will take place in March. Slated for release in late 2013, the movie is produced by Huat Films and will be Michelle Chong's second film following her success with "Already Famous".

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