Making waves

SINGAPORE - Follow your passion, they say. But how many really can? It is not easy. Patience, sacrifice and committment are just some of the traits needed to really make a success of what you want to achieve by following your passion. tabla! speaks to four young people who listened to their heart and are making a mark for themselves not just in Singapore but in faraway lands too.

One is a suave banking analyst who is a different person altogether once you turn on thumping Latin music. Neeraj Maskera starts to sway his hips and twirl. He is now a well-known name in the Salsa dancing community. The other is 14-year-old singing sensation Matthew Supramaniam whose voice has enthralled Queen Elizabeth herself!

And then there's Mamiboys, a trio of musically-talented individuals who are working via a long-distance relationship. The group consists of Singaporean R. Rathakrishnan and his two friends in Chennai, India - R. Karthikeyan and S. Bharathi.

And lastly, Roshan Gidwani, or Rosh G, started his career in rapping in China and is now making a name for himself in Singapore.

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