Phone call changed their lives

His job did not stop him from pursuing his interest in music. When Mr R. Rathakrishnan was a customer service executive officer at Changi Airport, he along with two friends R. Karthikeyan and S. Bharathi (both from Chennai) formed Mamiboys in 2007.

Their stage names are Krisheno, Kevi-J and Bardy respectively and the trio composed music and created songs for fun and uploaded them on their YouTube channel. According to Krisheno, at that time what they did was purely for fun and because of their love for music. At least that was what they thought until one day in 2009 they received a phone call that changed their lives.

"The call was from Srikanth Deva's studio," said Krisheno, referring to the well-known music director in the south Indian film fraternity.

"Apparently he liked our songs on YouTube and wanted us down for a vocal test. I quit my job at the airport that very day and left for Chennai," said the 28-year-old Singaporean, who is both the rapper and composer of the group.

Srikanth Deva liked the group and hired them to record a rap portion for the song Seema Siriki in the Tamil film, Thottu Paar. Soon the trio started to meet other music directors and sound engineers who loved the freshness the group brought into music.

"Our songs are very commercial but we try to add different elements to them. For example, we tried out African beats for one of our songs as well," explained Krisheno.

The three then went on to work with Tamil music director Bobo Shashi for the title song of the Telugu movie, Bindass. It wasn't long after that when well-known Chennai music director Harris Jayaraj made contact with the trio. Jayaraj's studio manager had called them in for a vocal test, where they impressed everyone, including the music director himself.

"Till today, I have no idea how Harris Jayaraj got our contact. And when we met him, we never expected that he would be so easy to work with. He is one of the most down to earth people we have met," added Krisheno.

The group worked with Harris Jayaraj on the song Move Aside for the Telugu film Orange and that was when they decided the time was ripe to put out their first single. Titled Reena I Love You, the song propelled them even further as a band and now the group is finally releasing their first album after six years of being together. On why the long gap to put out an album, Krisheno explained: "We didn't want to put out an album for the sake of it. We needed to be ready and we needed the exposure before setting out to do something like this."

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