I want a companion, not a husband

Her rocky love life reads like scenes from a Taiwanese soap opera.

Veteran Taiwanese singer-actress Fang Wen-Lin - best known for her sweetie pie looks and girl-next-door image when she was part of 80s popular Mandopop group Feiying Trio - is used to weathering storms.

She had a high-profile break-up with rocker Dave Wang in the late 80s.

Her 10-year marriage to fellow singer Yu Guanhua ended in an ugly divorce in 2006, when the latter, known for his heavy gambling ways, was caught in bed with another woman.

Fang, who has custody of their two teenage daughters, is not on speaking terms with her ex-husband.

Last December, while promoting her new drama series Hula Sisters in Taipei, she shared that she had a former beau who would get violent whenever he was drunk.

That's why the 47-year-old told TheNew Paper in a phone interview from Taipei that she is "very unlikely" to get hitched again.

"Marriage is just a piece of paper to me. I would love romance, but I don't see the need to take the next step once more to sign that piece of paper," she said.

"I'd like to find a companion, but even if I don't, it's all right, I've learnt to live alone."

Having not released albums in more than a decade, Fang said she feels "slightly jittery" at the thought of taking the stage at the Esplanade for the ensemble concert Songs That Keep Us Together 2.

"I identify myself more as an actress now," said Fang, who stars in new idol drama Spring Love, which premieres on Channel U on March 9 at 9pm.

She plays Taiwanese heart-throb Mike He's mum.

She said: "There will be pressure, that's for sure."

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