While trying to secure the man on a wheelchair with the rope, Chang's bikini strap, which consisted of pearls strung across a fishing line, snapped.

She quickly placed her right hand across her chest to prevent the bikini from falling off, which would have exposed her 32C assets.

Chang was eventually ranked eighth, but she, instead of the eventual winner, made headlines in the Hong Kong and Taiwanese media the next day.

Some reports even speculated that she orchestrated the stunt, which upset her.

"I wouldn't do such a thing to gain publicity," she said.

"But I soon got over it, because I was no longer a newcomer in this industry and I knew such news was part of what I had to live with."

Chang started her career in 2007 after coming in third at the Catwalk Competition, an annual talent search organised by Catwalk, a Taiwanese modelling and artiste agency.

She took on modelling jobs, appeared in print advertisements and made occasional appearances on Taiwanese variety shows, all of which she said were arranged by her agency.

Chang made her movie debut with a small role in Taiwanese movie The Killer Who Never Kills (2011), and she said it was also Catwalk that had asked her to participate in Miss Asia.

Despite saying her own definition of sexiness is "beauty from within" and "not necessarily showing a lot of skin", Chang has come to terms with dressing sexily for work.

She was featured in men's magazine GQ Taiwan last April, along with a series of photos of her in a bikini top and sport shorts.

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