Sexy is okay

"I don't mind portraying a sexy image, as long as the context of the job is appropriate," she said.

"After all, I'm still young, and I feel honoured if people think I look sexy. So when I can still do it, why not?"

Is she worried about suffering another wardrobe malfunction then?

"That was just an isolated incident, and I think I always protect myself quite well," she said, laughing.

However, change seems to be on the way for Chang as she moves towards acting this year.

She has a small part in the upcoming Channel U drama Marry Me, which airs on Feb 27 at 8pm and stars Jesseca Liu and Yvonne Lim.

In re:solve, she plays the lead role of a policewoman with "complicated inner struggles".

But do not expect to see Chang wearing anything sexy in the movie.

"(Director) Randy (Ang) told me I'll be all wrapped up," she said, laughing.

"There'll be quite a number of emotional scenes, so it's a good chance to let people know me through my acting."

Looking back on her five years in the spotlight, Chang said it made her grow up much faster.

"Under normal circumstances, it takes time to establish relationships with others," she said.

"But in this line, I have to get to know people quickly and deal with issues swiftly. This has made me stronger and wiser, and is definitely good training as I grow and mature."

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