Oh boy, life's fantastic

The stars of Ah Boys To Men stars: (From left) Wang Weiliang, Maxi Lim, Tosh Zhang and Noah Yap.

SINGAPORE - If you think Singaporeans only go crazy over foreign celebrities, think again.

We may have stumbled on something that resembles Beatlemania here, if these boys-turned-overnight sensations are anything to go by.

Privacy is no longer a luxury that Ah Boys To Men stars Wang Weiliang, Tosh Zhang, Maxi Lim and Noah Yap enjoy.

Stepping out just to go about their daily errands has become difficult, as getting mobbed by passionate fans has become part of everyday life.

The boys grimaced as they remembered how their first fan meeting prior to the release of the movies saw only 30 people.

They were disheartened when hardly anyone clapped for them after they introduced themselves.

But fast forward six months and following the box office success of Ah Boys To Men ( $6.23 million) and Ah Boys To Men 2 ($7.73 million), even buying a shirt from Ang Mo Kio Hub has become an impossible task.

Wang, a 26-year-old getai singer who plays Lobang King, told The New Paper: "We are extremely grateful for how the success of the movies has changed our lives.

"But now, walking in a mall is difficult as I get stopped by many people who ask to take pictures with me.

"So buying clothes is out of the question. The goal's to just to get from one end of the shopping centre to the other!

"The fans that approach us are female, male, of all ages and races. They are very sweet and will always have gifts for us."

At his getai shows, Wang has to get from one show to the other quickly. But what was once a simple task has now become a challenge as fans try to chase him even after he gets into a car.

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