3 Singapore acts at Scream fest

Three Singapore acts have been chosen to take part in Spring Scream, an annual outdoor music festival in Kenting, Taiwan, which runs from Wednesday to Sunday this year.

They are Little Green Frog, who have performed there for four years, singer- songwriter Sarah Cheng-De Winne, 25, and Mandopop singer Dawn Wong.

Wong, 28, says she is both excited and nervous, acknowledging that she might see a discouraging scene of festivalgoers walking out during her performance.

"There is a real possibility of people walking away," she says over the telephone. "After all, it is a music festival with seven stages, with performances taking place at each stage concurrently so people might come to your stage for a while and then leave."

Despite her worries, she suspects that Taiwanese audiences are more forgiving of newer acts compared to Singaporeans, whom she finds rather critical.

Spring Scream is the pioneer of music festivals in Taiwan and since its start in 1995, has become one of the largest Chinese indie music festivals in the region. The festival usually lasts three to four days and features 200 to 300 acts. It attracts more than 200,000 people.

Wong competed in season two of local singing reality TV programme, Project Superstar, in 2006. She did not win, but continued to pursue her music dreams and became a full-time musician.

She applied for a slot in Spring Scream by uploading a video of her performance onto Indievox, an online social networking platform for Taiwanese indie artists. The organisers eventually invited to her first Spring Scream performance.

She will perform 10 songs there. She says: "I will be spacing out my performances by mixing different genres of songs together so that audiences get a full range of what I'm doing in the shortest time."

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