Qi Yuwu & Joanne Peh a couple, really?

First, the split. Then, the rebound.

The love life of MediaCorp actress Joanne Peh has pretty much been an open book recently.

Last month, Peh, 29, confessed to local magazine 8 Days she and Singapore-based Italian-American DJ-actor Bobby Tonelli had broken up after four years together.

She said they had grown apart and that it had slowly dawned on her that she "does not know him".

On Sunday, just three weeks after news of her split broke, 8 Days dropped another bombshell, reporting that she is now dating Singapore-based Chinese actor Qi Yuwu, 36.

Peh and Qi have known each other for nearly 11 years, since acting together in Peh's first drama, Beautiful Connection (2002).

Over the years, they were cast in six other dramas, the latest being this year's C.L.I.F 2.

Both Peh and Qi did not respond to repeated phone calls made by The New Paper yesterday and on Sunday.

When contacted on Monday, Tonelli, 37, was reluctant to comment on Peh and Qi opening up about their relationship.

"It was shocking, but as long as she is happy, that is the most important," he said.

Qi Yuwu is dating Joanne Peh
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