Farewell, Ah Shui

LOCAL veteran actor Huang Wenyong, who died last Saturday at the age of 60, may be best remembered in his breakout role as Chinese migrant Ah Shui in the period drama The Awakening back in 1984.

But his appearances in over 100 dramas and sitcoms in the past three decades have left an enduring impression on Singaporeans.

Also remembered for his role in comedy series Don't Worry Be Happy, where he received the best-comedy-performance award for his role as a cabby named Ong Kim Lye, Huang is considered one of the pioneers of local Chinese drama.

Housewife Jessie Han, 56, said she remembers being struck by Huang's performance in The Awakening, where he starred opposite actress Xiang Yun as a humble and honest rubber tapper in the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation production.

His on-screen performance has probably rubbed off on how Madam Han views him in person.

"He's always had a good reputation," she said.

"My impression of him is that he's humble, has no airs, and there have been no reports of him being involved in any scandals whatsoever."

The Malaysian-born Chinese actor, who died from lymphoma, was reported to have been visiting the hospital over the past few months.

In November last year, he sparked concern over his health, after appearing on television looking "thin and haggard". His wake is being held over five days.

Huang was last seen in It's A Wonderful Life (2013). He was also nominated for best supporting actor for his performance in Joys Of Life (2012) at the Star Awards ceremony, which was held last night.

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