Huang Wenyong's wish for drama re-run to be fulfilled

The first re-run of the 1988 drama, Heiress, which left a deep impression on the late MediaCorp veteran Huang Wenyong, will start airing in May, according to his wishes.

According to an article in Shin Min Daily News, Xiang Yun, who played the lover of Huang's character in the show, said he had wished to watch a re-run of the serial.

The actress, who had a 30-year friendship and working relationship with the late actor, said she believed Huang had a deep impression of the drama.

It was regretful that a re-run had yet to be aired until he passed away, she said.

The 30-episode drama will air Sundays from May 19 to September 1 on Channel 8. It stars Huang and Xiang Yun as a couple in an ill-fated romance.

The actor will also be awarded with a posthumous Honorary TV Award at the Star Awards 2013 Show 2. It was specially created for him, to honour his contributions to the local TV industry, MediaCorp Channel 8 wrote on its Facebook page.

MediaCorp actor Huang Wenyong passed away on Saturday evening (April 20) from lymphoma. He was 60 years old.

His colleagues who turned up at his wake were amongst hundreds to bid a tearful farewell to him at the Teochew funeral parlour at 10, Ubi Road 4, before his send-off on Wednesday. An emotional half-minute of silence was also observed at the Star Awards Show 1 on April 21, just a day after his death.

Huang shot to fame through his portrayal of the earnest Chinese migrant Ah Shui in the 1984 drama The Awakening, with co-star Xiang Yun as Ah Mei.

Actor Chen Guohua told The New Paper that his good friend kept his cancer a secret as he did not want others to worry about him. Huang had also refused to be photographed when he was sick.

Huang had also rejected Xiang Yun's attempts to visit him in hospital as he did not want her to see him in his poor condition.

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