Huang Wenyong's daughter tweets about his passing

Huang Wenyong's daughter broke her silence on Twitter on Tuesday (Apr 23), three days after the 60-year-old veteran actor died of lymphoma on Saturday evening (Apr 20).

According to a My Paper article, his daughter Huang Meien, 19, who has always been active on social media platforms, stopped updating her Twitter page and blog from Apr 19.

On Tuesday, she posted two tweets on Twitter in English, dedicated to her father.

She wrote in her first tweet, "Thank you for your condolences, he has gone to a better place."

Several hours later, she posted another tweet which said "forever", accompanied by a collage of four photos. One showed her kissing her father on the cheek, another two were pictures of Huang Wenyong alone.

The last photo showed a hand written note in English from Huang Wenyong, which read, "The container is your lunch. SMS me when you are eating! Dad loves you! Care you! You must keep in your mind, because I kept your lunch warm for you."

Huang Wenyong did not want others to worry about him, so he kept his illness a secret as well as refused to be photographed.

Emotions ran high at the annual Star Awards Show 1 on Apr 21 as fellow celebrities stood up to observe half a minute of silence. Huang was remembered for being a friendly colleague and mentor at his wake.

Fellow MediaCorp artistes such as Zzen Chong and Cavin Soh were among the 500 who bade their final goodbyes to veteran actor Huang Wenyong at his funeral yesterday (Apr 24).

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