Other high-profile celeb break-ups

Mark Richmond and Vernetta Lopez

The pair of radio DJs tied the knot in 1997, separated in 2001 and finalised their divorce two years later.

In her autobiography last year, Memoirs Of A DJ, Lopez wrote about her relationship with Richmond.

She recounted the details of her former husband's alleged extramarital affair that eventually ended their marriage.

Shaun Chen and Michelle Chia

Malaysian actor Chen, who is based in Singapore, married his girlfriend of six years, fellow MediaCorp actress Chia, in May 2009.

Their lavish wedding ceremony was televised and hosted by colleagues Guo Liang, Lee Teng and Pornsak.

The couple confirmed their divorce in April 2011 due to "personality differences", but insist they still remain friends.

Glenn Ong and Jamie Yeo

The couple married in December 2004 after Ong divorced his first wife, Kate Reyes, in April 2003.

After five years with Yeo, DJ Ong announced on radio in February 2009 that the couple had decided to go their separate ways.

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