"I was extremely nervous and I remember thinking how crazy it was to be there. Quincy is my personal hero and it was a big honour," Ng recalled.

"The first thing he said to me was: 'Man, you can really play.'"

Their time at Jones' home was spent talking about music, love, humanitarian work and culture, and even sharing recipes.

Ng then performed for him, which he dubbed "the scariest moment" of his life.

"I played my heart out like I was playing to 50,000 people. After that, Quincy applauded enthusiastically and said 'wow, you are special'. What do you say when Quincy says that to you?" said Ng, who is also endorsed by famous US acoustic amplification company Fishman. The company also endorses the likes of Pete Townshend, Mumford & Sons and Radiohead.

Following that meeting, Jones expressed interest in working with Ng and details are being worked out.

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