Battling dyslexia

Barely a year ago, Ng was still a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he was enrolled in the artist diploma programme.

But he left after a semester in May because school proved difficult - he was not doing well and his dyslexia aggravated the problem.

Ng said that he has been battling dyslexia since he was a boy.

"I couldn't understand the world until I was a teenager and I kept asking if I was stupid. Teachers thought I was lazy and useless and I gave up. But music saved my life and helped me make sense of the world," said Ng.

He also said that he doesn't read music scores.

"Instead, I listen and analyse strictly by ear. I have to find other ways to compensate."

Now, Ng is concentrating on gaining as much experience as possible to further his music.

His plans include a follow-up to his debut album Funky Thumb Stuff, which will have Jones' magic touch.

"My first album was less mature musically but now I have some ideas that I hope to get started on," he said.

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