Is he a fixer or was he fixed?

Who's that man? Italian police put elusive Singaporean, Dan Tan (above), on top of wanted list for fixing Serie A and B matches as informant, Wilson Raj Perumal, provides key information on the man and also identified him through a photo.

Police investigators all over Europe had long known of a Singapore syndicate fixing matches in Hungary, Germany and Italy.

But all they had were nicknames and descriptions of the elusive syndicate members.

Then Kelong King Wilson Raj Perumal was arrested in February for possessing a fake passport in Finland and he started "singing" to the authorities there.

The Singaporean provided them details of his associates and how his Balkan-linked syndicate operated.

Slowly, the veil of secrecy that had concealed the identities of the rest of the Singapore syndicate members was lifted. Now investigators from several European countries have focused their attention on one key player - Dan Tan Seet Eng.

European police officers want to speak to the man they once only knew as Dan, Eng Eng and Ah Blur.

Even Fifa, with all its resources, could not track the 47-year-old down.

Just who is Dan Tan?

Investigations revealed he was a globetrotter who travelled all over Europe, staying in some cities for a few hours before scooting off to the next.

He often travelled with just one piece of luggage, which the authorities believed contained wads of cold hard cash.

And with the backing of contacts in the Balkans, Dan Tan and his gang met up with middlemen in the countries whose football leagues they were planning to fix. This was what the latest probe into Italian match-fixing revealed in a 300-page Italian court document The New Paper had obtained.

The document detailed the Singapore syndicate's links to match-fixing in Finland, Hungary, Germany and Italy.

Said one Fifa investigator, John: "All this shows that the same groups of people have been moving in the same circles and corrupting games in this part of Europe. They're all connected.

"All the news reports that have come out since Wilson's (Raj) arrest seem to support the notion Singaporeans are significant players on the global match-fixing stage."

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