SAF regulars in high demand after retiring from military

The Ministry of Defence has revealed figures on how many Singapore Armed Forces regulars retire for the first time. It also showed that eight in 10 retiring servicemen take an average of six months to land a new job in the civilian sector.

According to a Straits Times report, six in 10 of about 100 to 200 regulars get help in making the transition from military to civilian working life from Mindef's Career Transition Resource Centre (CTRC).

Services offered by the centre include vetting resumes, organising networking sessions and career workshops, as well as career counselling.

Since last year, the retirement age for commissioned officers have gone up to 50 years old, up from 45 previously, and warrant officers and specialists retire at 55. With CTRC's assistance, most of these outgoing regulars are prepared for jobs which eventually see them ending up as supervisors, managers or directors in defence manufacturers, banks and security firms, while others become their own bosses.

Human resource specialists told the English daily that former SAF regulars are noted for their strengths in adapting to different cultures quickly, leading people and working in teams.