Singapore exodus causes massive jam in Johor

JOHOR BARU - There was a massive traffic jam on the road leading to the Causeway via the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) at Bukit Chagar as thousands of Singaporeans rushed back home.

State Immigration Department director Nasri Ishak said all the counters were opened at the CIQ to cater for the huge number of people crossing over.

"The system at the CIQ is running well and we have opened 38 counters for cars, 25 counters for motorcycles and six for lorries.

"Such a situation is the norm due to the long school holiday coupled with the festive season when thousands of Singaporeans made their way into Malaysia - either for a holiday or shopping," he told The Star.

Nasri urged Singaporeans to time their trips in order to avoid peak periods.

"They should know by now what is a good time for them to embark on their journey to the island republic to avoid being stuck in a jam," he said.

State internal security, public order and traffic chief Supt T. Raveendran said 10 traffic personnel had been stationed along the road leading to the CIQ.

"The jam at the CIQ is caused by Singaporeans rushing back home after spending several days in Malaysia.

"The Singaporean authority at their CIQ is conducting thorough checks on all vehicles, causing traffic congestion to spill over into Malaysia," he said.