2011 O-level top scorers from CHIJ St Nicholas and Crescent Girls' schools

Singapore - Three top scorers with 10 A1s have emerged from the 2011 GCE O-level examinations. The results were released at 2pm today.

They are Zhong Yingyi and Chai Yung Ci from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School and Lim Min from Crescent Girls' School.

This is the fourth year running that CHIJ St. Nicholas has produced a top performer in the O levels.

Zhong Yingyi and Lim Min, both 17 this year, are Singaporeans, while Chai Yung Ci, also 17, is from Malaysia.

A total of 48 schools had students scoring 7 A1s or more.

St Joseph's Institution also performed well this year, with three of its student scoring 9 A1s. They were also the nation's top performing Indian pupils.

In total, 99.9 per cent of a total of 36,955 school candidates who sat for the 2011 examinations were awarded their O-level certificates, along with 89.5 per cent of a total of 3,932 private candidates.

95.3 per cent of students received three or more GCE O-level passes, this is up from the 2010 cohort's percentage of 94.9.

The number of candidates who scored five or more passes also went up marginally, from 81.2 per cent in 2010 to 81.9 per cent last year.

Percentage of O-level passes

Year No.  sat 1 or more GCE O-level passes 3 or more GCE  O-Level Passes 4 or more GCE  O-Level Passes
No. % No. % No. %
2011 36,955 36,904 99.9 35,221 95.3 30,281 81.9
2010 37,655 37,598 99.8 35,753 94.9 30,562 81.2

1 2 3