Dead boy's parents want road in Sembawang made safer

SINGAPORE - The parents of a primary school boy killed in a car accident on a road right outside his school are demanding answers to his death and for better road safety measures to be implemented around the area.

They are asking Sembawang Primary School to account for why there were no teachers supervising the children crossing the road after school hours, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

They are also calling for the school and Ministry of Education (MOE) to ensure that the traffic conditions around the school are made safer.

Primary four pupil Lee Yu Heng, 9, was knocked down by a speeding car when he was crossing the road right outside Sembawang Primary School's entrance in Sembawang Drive, last Friday at 1.30pm. He was taken to a hospital and died later in the evening.

Witnesses say that the traffic light was flashing green at the time of the incident. Residents around the area told ST that drivers tend to speed along the road as there is very little traffic on the road after the morning rush hour.

Mr Darren Lee, 47, who lives in a block of flats next to the road, said that drivers often speed to try to beat the red light.

Yu Heng's parents are circulating a petition among parents of children attending the same school. The petition calls for better road safety measures outside the school so that such accidents do not happen again.

The petition requests that the government review the area's inadequate traffic safety measures, and take active measures including installing larger road signs informing drivers that they are entering a school district and building new road humps close to the school to slow vehicles down.

ST reporters who visited the area said they saw areas on the road marked red to indicated a school zone but little else.

The driver involved in the fatal accident, said to be a man in his 40s, is assisting the police with their investigations, ST reported.

Yu Heng, the fifth child of seven children, was described by his family as a lovable boy who did his own laundry and loved to play soccer. His favourite school subject was mathematics.

The boy's wake was held on Saturday night at the void deck of the family's four room flat in Canberra Road.