Tan Cheng Bock may run again in 2016

"If you ever change your mind, come back to me in 2016, I will be back to fight again, please understand".

Singaporean voters may not have seen the last of Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who sang this line as he reprised the song "I understand" at the inaugural Meet The Entrepreneurs charity concert on Monday, January 16th, 2012, where he was the guest-of-honour.

Dedicated to supporters and Singaporeans, he first sang "I understand" in a video released after the Presidential election last August and gained popularity on YouTube, garnering over 66,000 views.

When asked to confirm whether he is truly running again in the next election, he qualified the message of his song, saying: ""If I'm healthy and well and my mind is still ok, there's no reason why I shouldn't try again. Many people expect me to try but it's not just that. You must have the passion and the strong feeling that you want to do something. It's not just going to Istana and be the president."

He added: "I think there must be certain set things in your mind you want to do for Singapore. You don't want to destroy a system, you want to improve on the system. And sometimes it's good to have an outsider like me who will go in and give it a different look, a different way of managing things."

Since running for president in August, he has been receiving numerous invitations for charitable talks and events such as the concert, which was organised to raise funds for Club Rainbow, a charity which helps children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and Dignity Kitchen, a hawker training school for disabled and disadvantaged people.

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