More couples sending wedding invites via Facebook

SINGAPORE - Internet-savvy couples in Singapore are eschewing formal wedding invites sent through the mail for Facebook invitations instead, reported The Sunday Times.

Instead of a card, guests will receive an online notification of the event. They may visit the page to view the event details and RSVP by clicking on "Join", "Maybe" or "Decline". 

The move is becoming popular among the younger generation, but does not strike the right chord with older folk, wedding planners and etiquette experts, according to the report.

Some feel that using the social media site to send out wedding invitations is 'insincere', or may give the wrong impression that the couple is on a budget, or pressed for time.

But the more than 20 wedding planners The Sunday Times spoke to say none of their clients have completely given up on sending printed cards in favour of a Facebook event page.

However, more Singaporeans are using the online social network to remind guests to 'save the date' of their big day and to find out who is able to attend.

Some, like flight stewardess Tiffany Yeo, 28, and her 35-year-old fiance, a pilot, plan a compromise by sending printed invitation cards to relatives and their parents' friends, while notifying their own colleagues and friends through Facebook, e-mail and text messages.