DBS hit by ATM fraud again

SINGAPORE - Seventeen DBS customers had $23,000 in total stolen from them last Sunday, as fraudsters used Singapore ATMs to make unauthorised withdrawals, DBS said.

This incident is not the result of any new skimming activity, but a residual effect of the same card skimming operation that took place at the end of last year, a spokesman from the bank told The Straits Times.

The bank received calls reporting the fraud from a handful of customers who were notified of the unauthorised withdrawals through real-time SMS alerts from the bank.

The affected customers were compensated the full amount within 24 hours.

The alerts are part of the enhanced security measures the bank has put in place since the ATM fraud scandal that saw $1 million stolen from the bank accounts of 700 DBS and POSB customers.

In the previous spate of ATM fraud, fraudsters skimmed the data of customers who had used two ATMs at the Bugis Street area and made unauthorised withdrawals from Kuala Lumpur. The bank said 2,726 customers had used the machines over the period in late November.

Further customers identified to be at risk were notified, and their cards de-activated and replaced, the bank said.

In a statement to the press, DBS thanked their customers for their understanding regarding the inconvenienced caused during its move to take 'prompt precautionary measures'.

In addition to the SMS alerts, the bank said it also proactively contacts customers to validate ATM withdrawals, if and when any suspicious activity or unusual usage patterns are detected.

DBS said it is monitoring the situation closely.