MBS awarded Green Mark Gold Award for eco-friendly practices

The Building and Construction Authority awarded integrated resort Marina Bay Sands (MBS) the Green Mark Gold Award for its eco-friendly practices.

Under the Award, buildings are rated for their energy and water efficiency, environmental protection, indoor environmental quality and green innovation.

Mr. George Tanasijevich, president and chief executive officer for Marina Bay Sands, said going green is a long-term aim of Marina Bay Sands.

"We've built sustainability into the design of Marina Bay Sands and took special care to procure green materials during our construction days.

"Now that we're serving tens of thousands of guests every day, we're even more committed to incorporating eco-friendly practices into our daily operations," he said.

MBS uses sunshading across most of its glass façade and roofs to reduce heat gain into the interior. Natural daylight that passes through the glass illuminates indoor areas, reducing the need for lights.

Recycled materials and environmentally-friendly construction practices were also used during the construction phase.

Plants were also added to hotel balconies and resort roofs to reduce the urban heat island effect.

Other measures include saving water, harvesting rainwater, replenishing towels only when guests choose to and automated lighting, heating and water supply controls throughout the entire building.

Electronic sales tools are used during meetings and meals are served with dishware and glassware to minimise disposable cutlery.

Staff are also encouraged and educated to be more environmentally friendly at work and at home.