New hotline for public to report cleanliness problems

The public will soon have a hotline to report on public cleanliness problems in Singapore.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a statement today that the public can call 1800-600-3333 from April 1 onwards to inform the new Department of Public Cleanliness (DPC) of dirty areas which need to be cleaned.

The location and managing public agency of the location does not matter.

According to NEA, the DPC will integrate and manage public area cleaning contracts for better efficiency and coordination.

It will progressively take over contracts from public agencies such as Public Utilities Board, Singapore Land Authority and National Parks Board between now and 2016 when various contracts expire.

The DPC will also work closely with Town Councils to look into cleanliness issues in housing estates.

DPC head Desmond Tan said the new department reflects a Whole-Of-Government Approach to the cleaning of roads, pavements, drains and other common areas.

"We will work towards higher standards as we progressively take over the existing cleaning contracts from the agencies. We also hope to provide greater responsiveness to public feedback.

"At the same time, I hope the public will play their part to keep Singapore clean and dispose of their litter responsibly," he said.

The department is also working on using technology for cleaning audits. It plans to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track litter bins and use web-based cameras to monitor the cleanliness of public areas.

This will allow DPC officers to activate cleaning crews to clean up dirty areas quickly.

The public can also send feedback on public clealiness issues to and through the myEnv app, which is currently available on iPhones. It will be available for Android phones shortly.

Bidders who wish to bid for the new integrated cleaning contracts that will be called by DPC must be accredited cleaning contractors. This is part of the government's wider measures to boost the cleaning industry.

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