More local women linked to pimp of underage prostitute

At first glance, he appears to be a clean-cut man with a head for business.

Tang Boon Thiew, 38, who was educated in Britain and owns an online marketing firm, has several start-up firms under his belt.

And based on his picture that has appeared in newspapers, the bespectacled Tang could pass off as your typical next-door neighbour.

But behind this veneer of respectability, he allegedly hides a dirty secret.

He is said to be behind the online prostitution ring that an underage girl worked for.

To date, 48 men have been hauled to court for allegedly engaging her sexual services. It is an offence in Singapore to pay for sex with anyone under 18.

Tang's name was mentioned in the charge sheets of the 44 men who were charged on Monday.

The documents stated that the girl was allegedly under Tang's charge.

It has now emerged that Tang was charged in court last November with 35 counts of prostitution-related offences, believed to have been committed between October 2009 and last November.

Based on the charge sheets, at least 15 prostitutes between 18 and 47 years old had allegedly worked for him.

All Singaporeans

And at a time when most sex workers in Singapore are foreigners from countries like Thailand, Vietnam and China, the women linked to Tang stand out in one respect - they are all Singaporeans.

These women are believed to be models, students and working professionals.

It is understood that they were recruited through a Facebook page that Tang purportedly set up as a front for his alleged vice trade.

He is also accused of 16 charges of knowingly living in part on the earnings of prostitution and one count of managing a place where sex workers were assigned.

On top of these, Tang also faces 17 charges of procuring women for the purpose of prostitution at top luxury hotels in the downtown area.

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