Cost of living top concern

We polled 20 residents from Hougang SMC. Here are some of their responses, from the most popular concern to the least.

Cost of living: 8

Mr Chan, in his 30s: "Hougang has a lot of old folks, so cost of living will be my main issue."

Ms Su Ling, 28, secretary: "I think cost of living is on everyone's minds. I'll vote for the Workers' Party as they have served us for so long."

Mrs Anna Wong, 52, housewife: "I've been seeing prices of food going up."

Mr Barnabas Ng, speaking on behalf of his wife of three years, in their late 20s: "We've been wanting to get an apartment, but that has been really hard lately. We can't move out of our parents' home yet."

Opposition ward treatment: 3

Mr Allan Tay, in his 40s: "I feel discriminated against. Money isn't properly allocated to us."

Mr Tan, in his 50s, an entrepreneur who said he will be voting for PAP: "Hougang doesn't look like the other neighbourhoods at all. Just compare us to Bishan or Punggol, for instance."

Mr Lawrence Ng, in his 40s: "I feel that the PAP has been very arrogant. I wonder if Desmond Choo will change things."

No wet market: 2

Ms Lu, 43: "There being no wet market is my main concern. I would vote for Workers' Party as I would like them to remain. There are too many PAP voices."

Mrs Yip, in her 30s, housewife: "I'm a housewife, so there being no wet market is my main concern." Upgrading: 2

Mr Joseph Thong, 26, accountant: "Hougang Plaza looks so abandoned. Just compare it with Hougang Mall."(Both shopping centres are in Aljunied GRC, not Hougang SMC)

Others: 4

PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Ms Rachel Chung, 24, sales: "The MRT keeps breaking down, and I get very worried these days."

FOREIGNERS - Mrs Soo, in her 30s, marketing: "They're taking a lot of our white-collar jobs away. I think it's a problem with all these MNCs (multi-national corporations)."

LACK OF PARKING SPACE - Mrs Florence Tay, 33: "If I don't come early to the carpark at my void deck, I will have to go elsewhere."

CLEANLINESS - Ms May, in her early 30s, teacher: "Hougang looks a little dirty and rundown."

No issue: 2

Madam Jacqueline Ong, 42, housewife: "The main issue is voting for a person who can work focus. I live in Hougang Central and it's very well-maintained, so I have no issue."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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