DPM Teo takes issue with WP's explanation of NCMP issue

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has once again questioned the Workers' Part over Png Eng Huat's reason for not being selected as a Non-Constituency MP.

Mr Teo said that WP chief Low Thia Khiang contradicted Mr Png's explanation during the rally held last night, and pointed out that a candidate could not decide whether or not he wanted to be an NCMP because the selection of NCMP was decided by a committee.

A report in my paper said that Mr Low said Mr Png did ask for his name to be left out, but as the NCMP selection was a "collective" party decision, "personal preferences" had to be set aside.

In an earlier statement to The Straits Times, Mr Png said that he did not wish for a government to dictate the number and type of opposition members the party could have in Parliament.

He added that he had made it clear before the general election to the WP that he did not want to be considered for the NCMP position.

Mr Teo told the media that voters should consider whether the WP was tugging at their emotions but taking them for granted.


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