Suspect in Bukit Batok murder charged

The 31-year-old man held in connection with the murder of a 56-year-old woman, who is believed to be his mother, was charged in court today.

Sugay Solomon Sutherson entered no plea during the court session. The next session will take place next Tuesday, and if found guilty, he will be hanged.

The body of Madam Mallika Jesudasan, 56, was found lying in a second- floor unit in Block 248, Bukit Batok Avenue 5, at about 12.30am, said police.

She was found with a cut on her neck, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Chinese evening newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that a sharp object was found at the scene. The suspect is believed to be mentally ill.

Neighbours my paper spoke to said they heard repeated banging noises at around midnight. A woman who lives in the unit directly above Madam Jesudasan's flat said her two-year- old son woke up screaming as a result of the loud sounds.

Another neighbour, Mr Vance Khoo, 23, said that Madam Jesudasan lived in the three-room flat with her husband and two children - a son and a daughter - both of whom appeared to be in their 20s. The couple are believed to have another son, but it is not known if he lives with them.

No one was at home when my paper visited yesterday morning. Shower curtains in the kitchen toilet appeared to be stained with blood. A pair of red handprints was also seen on a wall outside the flat. A family photograph placed on a cabinet in the living room showed Madam Jesudasan surrounded by what appeared to be her three children.

Neighbourhood cleaner Samsuri Ahmad, 59, said he sometimes chatted with the victim when they met. Her husband travelled frequently and was rarely at home, he said. Both Mr Khoo and Mr Samsuri said they had never seen her quarrelling with her sons.

Madam Jesudasan is said to have been killed in a bedroom. The suspect remained in the flat until the authorities arrived, said Shin Min Daily News. Investigations are ongoing.

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