Man's half naked body found at foot of condo block

SINGAPORE - A man fell to his death from the 15th floor unit of Tower 1B at The Bayshore condominium under mysterious circumstances yesterday morning.

According to a resident interviewed by The New Paper (TNP), he is likely to have fallen between 5.30 to 6am.

The woman, who declined to be named, told TNP that she was putting her baby to sleep in her fourth floor unit when she heard a scream and saw the man falling.

She said he fell head first and the fall obliterated half of his face. She further described the victim to have been naked from waist down, and wearing just a blue and white sportswear singlet.

The man, who has only been identified as Mr Won, was found when a condominium security guard heard a loud 'thud' while on duty and asked his female colleague to check it out.

Thinking it was a fallen tree, she cleared the leaves and found a dead body under them.

A 38-year-old maid from India told TNP that she saw a female security guard with her uniform dirtied. When asked why, the night shift guard said that she had gone to investigate a noise and ended up picking up a broken arm. Shocked, she dropped it immediately and fainted.

The police said that they received notice of the incident at about 6.30am. An ambulance was sent and the man pronounced dead at the scene.

While the cause of the fall remains a mystery, The Straits Times (ST) reported that an eye-witness said that the man was drunk when his son sent him home at about 4am yesterday.

A female neighbour who lives on the same floor as the deceased told TNP that her grandmother had heard sounds of an argument coming from the flat before the victim's death.

Photos of the scene show an object, believed to be a mattress, sticking out of the window he fell out of.

Mr Won, 51, is believed to have just moved into the flat a few months ago to live alone.

He is married with a son and two daughters. His wife lives separately with the three children.

His youngest daughter, Miss T.H. Won, said that Mr Won was a good father. The 16-year-old Secondary 4 student said that the family is in the dark as to the circumstances surrounding his death.

A friend of Mr Won's son said that Mr Won appeared happy when he met the victim three days ago.

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