Eu Tong Sen

MR RICHARD Eu Yee Ming (above) is now at the helm of a 133-year-old business started by his great-grandfather, Eu Kong.

And in southern Singapore, another strand of family history lingers in the form of Eu Tong Sen Street, named after Mr Eu's grandfather, tycoon and philanthropist Eu Tong Sen.

And Mr Eu, 64, is confident that remembering contributions by people can help mould future success. "Certainly, the drive to shape our society and country is worth the later generations knowing and emulating," Mr Eu said.

Traditional Chinese medicine company Eu Yan Sang first started as a small shop in Malaysia set up by Eu Kong to nurse tin miners battered by hard work and poor living conditions back to health.

Eu Tong Sen would later, besides dealing in tin and rubber, expand the family business.

He also donated to the needy and championed the development of education.

Even now, Eu Yan Sang echoes Eu Tong Sen's philosophy of caring for mankind.

"I was born after his passing," said Mr Eu, who admitted that he feels proud to have a street named after his grandfather.

"However, from the stories shared within my family, my grandfather's far-sightedness and determination stood out the most to me."

He said people would sometimes comment about his family name.

"It didn't mean that much to me because I never met my grandfather," Mr Eu maintained.

"But as I got older, I would ask my father more about family history. So you get a sense of family responsibilities. A sense of the family name," he added.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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