Netizens react to video of women arguing over MRT seat

SINGAPORE - Netizens have expressed shock and disapproval over the behaviour of a middle-aged 'aunty' who was caught on video arguing with a younger woman after the latter gave up an MRT seat for her.

Posted on June 19 by Stomp contributor Mr Muhammad Khair, the video shows a middle-aged woman claiming to be suffering from a leg injury and accusing a younger woman of staring at her.

While the younger woman, who had given up her seat to the older woman, remained silent at first, she soon retorted and the two ended up arguing, pointing fingers and swearing at each other.

The video has since gone viral on other sites, with close to 73,000 views reached on Stomp alone this morning.

A large number of comments on the Stomp posting criticised the middle-aged woman for being unreasonable.

According to Mr Khair, the younger woman had given up her seat to the older lady and started using her phone with her earphones plugged in. However, the middle-aged woman seemed displeased and accused her of staring after taking the seat.

He told Stomp that the older woman could be heard saying, "So displeasing. Most probably you're from China. Ask you for the seat, keep on staring for how many hours? So rude."

The younger woman, who had been silent till then, replied: "You say enough already or not, aunty?"

Fuel was added to fire when the older woman tried to take a picture of the younger woman, who looked to be in her 20s.

Netizens react to video of women arguing over MRT seat
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