When confronted on why she was taking the photograph, the middle-aged woman said she was unhappy at the girl for staring at her after giving up the seat.

After a series of profanities were exchanged, the younger woman said firmly, "Okay, enough," and alighted at Raffles Place station.

Many Stomp readers took the side of the younger woman, commenting that the older woman should not have scolded the girl after she had given up her seat to her.

A Stomp reader known as prometheus_system said, "Why do such people have such a mentality? She behaves like the world owes her something."

Another Stomp user, lesterjason wrote, "It is true that we must respect elderly folks but they must also conduct themselves in a proper manner so as to deserve respect."

A number of comments left on Stomp also suggested that the priority seating system be removed so that such confrontations can be avoided.

Stomp reader Priplanning said of the priority seating system, "This is what happens when you try to force fit something that does not fit you."

"The old lady does not have the right to the reserved seat, it is entirely voluntary and up to the person sitting on it. Don't expect, don't demand and you'll be much happier."


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