London bus driver who knocked down S'porean cleared of all charges

SINGAPORE - The London bus driver who knocked down Singapore student Tan Mingwei in a hit-and-run accident was cleared of all charges on Wednesday.

Tan, 20, was found with serious injuries at around 2am, after being dragged for about a kilometre by the bus, driven by Iranian-born Shahriar Firouzian.

She was hit while crossing from Fleet Street to Pond Street in Hampstead, north-west London on September 30, 2010.

Firouzian was subsequently arrested and charged with causing Tan's death by careless driving. The prosecution alleged that Firouzian failed to keep a proper lookout for pedestrians who could have been crossing in front of his bus.

However, the prosecution later said there was not enough evidence to convict the 52-year-old bus driver, and has declared that they will not seek to take the trial further.

At the time of her death, Tan was a third-year medical student at Cambridge University.

The judge has also stated that there is no realistic prospect of a conviction, and issued a verdict of not guilty today.

Firouzian has argued that he did not cause her death by careless driving, and thought that he had run over a fox that night.

CCTV camera footage also shows that he was driving at only three kilometres per hour when he hit her.

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